Healthy Eating Lifestyles of Positive People

shutterstock_192709250Food plays an important role in how we perceive life. People who are successful prove to be eating healthier choices of foods comparing to those that are not. It is important to give your body its full nutrients in order for your brain to function well and help you be successful in your business. That is why we need to eat powerful foods for the brain according to Naturopathic doctor Neal Barnard. Below are the foods that good for you as you start your day.

#1. Carbohydrates.

Healthy carbs is vital for your body because it is the source of glucose which will turn to energy. A good amount of carbs during breakfast is perfect because it contains low glycemic-index scale and won’t increase your blood sugar. Try oatmeal or rye toast. These are power foods that keep you full throughout the day and giving your brain the boost it needs to make better decision and creativity.

#2. Protein.

Bacon and sausages are Americans number one food when it comes to protein. However according to Barnard, bacon and sausages will not give you the full amount of nutrients that your body needs throughout the day. As a matter of fact, the saturated fat in bacon and sausages will make you feel slothful. Instead, switch to beans for breakfast. People in many countries have included beans in their breakfast such as baked beans on toast in the United Kingdom, black beans in Mexico and chickpeas in the Middle East.

#3. Dairy Products Replacements.

We have known that dairy product such as cow’s milk is great source of protein but little do we know that it is high in cholesterol and fat. Instead, switch t non-dairy product like soy milk. It contains big amount of protein, saturated fat and has antioxidant agents. On the other hand, if you are lactose intolerant, you can opt for rice or almond milk. Both contain low levels of saturated fat and protein.

#4. Fruits.

I am a coffee devotee when it is breakfast time. Not long ago, a friend of mine recommended fruit smoothie instead of coffee to help boost my energy throughout the day. I was skeptical at first (of course!) but still decided to try it. After few days, it proved to be effective and my brain feels normal. Although coffee contain stimulant effect, it will just make you crave for more and feeling tired later in the day. I would suggest fruit smoothie for those who wants a change of taste. If it works for you, then you are on the right track!

#5. Avoid Alcohol.

According to one of the richest man in the world, Donald Trump, which has a net worth about $USD2.7 billion says that his older brother, Fred, was an alcoholic and died eventually made him stop drinking and smoking. Drinking alcohol beverages give you the idea of wasting away your money and not being productive in your life. With that being said, it will also affect your heath in so many levels. Don’t waste away, love your body.

#6. Drink Plenty of Water.

I once dined with an old friend which happens to be a manager in a big company. I was surprised that he ordered a small plate of food and plain water, nothing luxury in it. When I asked him about it, he told me that he loves simplicity and want to take care of his health. Drinking water is important for our internal organs to function properly. As a matter of fact, successful and fit people drink a minimum of 12 ounce of water per day and it increases during workout. If you want to try other fluid, lemon juice is advisable. Never drink sodas to satisfy thirst.

#7. Be Choosy.

Positive people are often choosy of what they are eating, especially if they are in the restaurant. They will go through the whole menu before ordering. It is important to know that it is not the restaurant choices but the food choices that help you stay healthy and fit. Ask the waiter or waitress politely if you could have a special request on your menu.

#8. Take Your Time.

Successful and positive people are always busy, but when it comes to food they take their time slowly and carefully. Properly munching and chewing your food helps you with better digestion. Take as much time as you need and enjoy your food. Eating and stuffing all the foods in your mouth can cause bloated tummy or stomach ache.

When you follow these simple advices, I believe you will feel the difference and changes in your body and health. A healthy body leads to a happy mind and that’s how you will enjoy every moment of your journey towards success.