My Solution for Psoriasis

Bottle with Safflower oilMore than ten years ago, the doctor told me I had pustular psoriatic arthritis. In just a year, the situation went from bad to worse. There were issues with the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet. It hurt very badly. I did everything I could to relieve the pain, but nothing helped. Finally, four years after my initial diagnosis, I started delving into academic studies looking for answers.

What I found surprised me. Topical treatments are not the answer for psoriasis ( psoriasis vs eczema – learn the differences ). Instead, it is important to start treatment in the gut. In particular, it is best to target mal-absorption issues. After researching and getting a feel for what I might need, I decided to begin a diet that really resonated with me during my research. I figured that I had nothing to lose. It started helping me almost immediately. After just fourteen days, my psoriasis was a thing of the past. However, if I start to let my guard down, and consume sugar, it comes right back again. Therefore, I have to keep reminding myself how important it is to stick with it.

In addition, I cannot have cigarettes. Smoking exacerbates the situation. Sugar is the enemy. That means I cannot have fruit or fruit juice, either. While I enjoy eating fruit, it makes my condition flare up, so it just is not worth it to me. In addition to the things that I avoid, I make sure to eat yogurt three times a day. The type of yogurt that I purchase is natural, probiotic and organic. It is great for me and it helps with my psoriasis.

Finally, supplements are important and there are several that I take each day. I take one high strength Milk thistle supplement, two Bio-Kult Candea pills, and one Biotin (ultra high strength). Believe it or not, that is all I do to keep myself healthy.

Of course, leaving sugar out of my diet is not easy. I have a sweet tooth, so it is hard to avoid all sweet things. I had to train myself to start turning to other food items. However, it is not hard to remember (and therefore stick to) this plan. I hope other people will have success with this plan as well!

– Alison Chester-Lambert