Misconception about Cardio and Weight Loss

1-(5)Many people believe that cardio is the answer for weight loss. There is in fact a lot of perspective from different people about what types of cardio that works best for losing weight. Nevertheless, there is also some truth about cardio in related to weight loss but still there are also lies that keep on deceiving people out there. With that being said, I have prepared list of misconceptions about cardio that you should remember.

Fallacy: “Easy” type of cardio workout can help you burn calories for longer period of time.

Truth: This might be half true but doing “easy” cardio workout can burn only minimum amount of calories even if you spend hours in the gym. Our body needs more extreme and intense workout in order to expand and push it to burn more calories. Your muscles will then undergo a self-repair after the hard work out and you will feel the difference in your body after the new muscle build up.

Fallacy: If you don’t burn 500 calories in the gym, everything is not worth it.

Truth: Many people thought that when it comes to cardio workout they need to burn as much as they should is false. All body movement has its own benefits when it comes to burning calories. You can do the “easy” workout at first and then gradually increase the challenge. Even if you are doing a simple 20-minute running session is already good for the heart and burn calories. Do not be pressured by people around you who have spent years working out in the gym and lost 501 calories per day. Our body works differently and finds suitable methods for your body. There are no excuses!

Fallacy: Do not eat before doing cardio workout, it will help burn more fats.

Truth: Your body needs energy in order to execute the workout and that energy is food! Do not stuff your stomach with lots of foods; just eat small snacks before doing your cardio exercise. You’ll be surprise at how it can help you exercise better. Bear in mind that the amount of fat in our body is constant regardless of whether you have eaten or not and skipping snacks before workout can have bad effect like muscle loss in your body.

Fallacy: Marathon race training is a great cardio workout to help you lose weight.

Truth: Well, it’s true that running can help you lose weight, improved cardio fitness, increase your stamina and such but it should not be the main motivation to help you slim down. In fact, during the training your body will store more fats in order to conserve energy so you can endure the distance. As a result to this, you will only burn fewer calories during your run.

Fallacy: Eat whatever you want as long as you are doing your cardio routine.

Truth: Well, I just wish this to be true! Do not take too lightly our calorie intake and thinking that we can make it up by doing an intense cardio workout. Cardio workout won’t help you burn fat; it is more than that, according to Bret Contreras, specialist in strength and conditioning workout. Weight loss management includes not only an intense and quality cardio workout but also setting up a healthy diet plan every day in order to lose significant amount of calories in the body.

Fallacy: Putting up weight helps you shed more calories.

Truth: Why would anyone think that putting extra two-pounds in your workout routine can help you burn more calories? This is definitely a big fallacy. For example, putting extra weight like an ankle strap can only cause you an imbalance which can lead to injury. Rather than focusing on putting resistance on your workout, try increasing the intensity of the cardio workout instead.

Knowing what are the truth and fallacy in cardio workout is important so that you will not waste your time working out on something that will not do you any good. You can search more about the myth and misconception about cardio workout that most people practice or you can ask your personal trainer about what are the cardio workout that is best for you.